Gathering Blue: A Review

gathering blue

Gathering Blue is book 2 of The Giver series by Lois Lowry (my review of The Giver may be found here). Seriously, people, how is Lois Lowry’s series not talked about more often?? I am completely enthralled with her writing. It’s so easy to read, definitely could be for middle school students, but the subject matter is anything but!

It takes place in a dystopic village where all the sick and damaged beings are discarded. After Kira loses her mother to a sudden illness, she is left orphaned and disfigured by a twisted leg. Worried the village will shun her for her disability, Kira finds herself relieved when the counsel assigns her to the all-important job of sewing and fixing the threading on The Singer’s elaborate cloak.

In search of the truth of her assignment, Kira finds herself reevaluating the things that are given the highest value in her village. Kira is such an endearing character and reading the novel, you are almost instantly invested in her life and adventures.

A great read! Can’t wait to read the next story in the Giver series! Don’t need to read The Giver to appreciate Gathering Blue! I give it 5 stars… a MUST READ!

4 responses to “Gathering Blue: A Review

  1. this whole series are some of my favorites, ever. I didn’t think the 4th one was needed, really, but still a good story. The Giver changed my life.

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