Awkward & Awesome Thursday

doctor who catsAwkward:
-Watching the Livestream of kittens at The Looney Tune Fosters for far longer than I’d care to admit!
-Getting over 8 hours of sleep and still being exhausted. This is what happens when I forget to take my Iron pill for two days in a row. Ugh.
-My pants being FAR too loose now. haha. This is a good thing, but they keep falling down, belt or no belt!

-Doctor Mew… the Doctor in cat form!!! Two of my favorite things put together!
-My Aunt & Uncle making a last minute trip to visit us! It was so great to see them again… and watch Star Trek on Amazon Prime!!
-Finally finding a dress for the wedding we’re going to at the end of the month!

3 responses to “Awkward & Awesome Thursday

  1. Heather Von St James

    Hi I’m Heather! Please email me when you get a chance, I have a question about your blog! Heather.vonstjames(at) Thanks!!

  2. yay for losing weight! I’m stuck. What’s your secret?

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