30 Before 30: UPDATE

I wrote my 30 before 30 list when I turned 26… it’s been a full year and my interests have changed, so I figured that bits of my 30 before 30 list should change, too! =)

Anni2My 30 before 30 list (with updates):

1. Travel to Europe.  Go back to Hawaii.
2. Ride in a helicopter.  hot air balloon.
3. Read the entire Bible.
4. Finish the Modern Library’s Top 100 Novels of All Time list.
5. Get married to my best friend.
6. Build something from scratch.  Crochet a blanket.
7. Have a job I love.
work8. Have another lead role.  Complete a short story or poem.
9. Paint something on canvas.
10. Get sponsors for my blog.
sponsor11. Sew my own pajamas.
12. Dye my hair a fun color [even if it’s just the tips].
tips13. Take a trip to NYC.
14. Go to Seattle.  Visit my two nieces again!
15. Move out of Indiana.  Fill a journal.
16. Take a trip with my Hawaii girls.
17. Own a Holga camera.
holga18. Make my own short film.  Make Sock Monkeys for all of my nieces.
19. Do a Skip-it 100 consecutive times.
20. Make my own Christmas cards.
21. Fill my quote book.
22. Plan a theme party.
23. Dance on the rooftop of a building.
24. Get another tattoo.
carousel horse tat 1
25. Do a 365 days photo challenge.
17526. Sell something I made.  Participate in a Color Run!
27. Get a professional photo shoot.
28. Make Thanksgiving dinner myself.
29. Hold a newborn babe.
baby greyson30. Take a trip to celebrate my 30th birthday!

2 responses to “30 Before 30: UPDATE

  1. love your updated list. I hope crossing off lead role doesn’t mean you’re giving up on acting, though, friend!

    And I SO WANT TO DO A COLOR RUN! Let’s do one together. Although, with me, it will be a color walk/jog 🙂

  2. I’d love to see when you sew your own pajamas. I’m hoping to sew my first piece of clothing soon and pajamas are definitely on my list of to-do. 🙂

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