Please Ignore Vera Dietz: A Review

vera dietz

Please Ignore Vera Dietz is author A.S. King‘s second young adult novel and it won The Michael L. Printz Award and was an Edgar Allen Poe Award finalist, so I knew it had to be worth a look-see! And I was NOT disappointed.

I was instantly drawn to Vera… I feel like I get her, I get where she’s coming from, and how hard it was to be invisible in high school, even though she would prefer everyone to ignore her very existence. Vera has just lost her best friend, for the second time. Charlie and Vera had a giant falling out before his untimely death and now Vera is the only one who can clear his name.

Struggling with her feelings of love and loss, Vera turns to alcohol to numb her pain and really has to hit rock bottom before she can breathe again and give up her memory of Charlie.

5 stars for a new subject matter and a great story. The characters are flawed, they’re suffering and struggling, and entirely real. Great novel from a new author.

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