Awkward & Awesome Thursday

my painAwkward:
-Being guilted into eating a donut for someone’s birthday at work. Ugh! Peer Pressure!
-How much money we’re spending to go to Colorado for our friends’ wedding. Why is everything so expensive. Trying not to go too far into debt!
-Not really liking a novel that’s supposedly a classic. It makes me sad. Like I’m missing out on what everyone loves about the story.

-Even though the money-side is stressful, it’s nice to know there’s a vacation coming up for us!
-Finishing a book. Is there any better feeling in the world?!
-Wearing cute cardigans to work with fun brooches! I’m such an old lady. I loves me some brooches.

2 responses to “Awkward & Awesome Thursday

  1. yay! When do you go to colorado??

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