Atlas Shrugged: A Review

atlas shrugged

Atlas Shrugged was not what I was expecting! Ayn Rand is such an incredible author, but MAN are her characters completely irredeemable. I really enjoyed Fountainhead [my review here], so I thought I’d give Atlas Shrugged a read as well.

The story follows the great minds and leaders in industrialism and their refusal to be exploited by their government. Dagny Taggart is the vice president, but ruling  entity, of Taggart Transcontinental, a transcontinental railroad. She struggles to keep the business her grandfather built afloat against the legislative powers bent on providing equality among the classes and making everything their own version of ‘fair’. Needless to say, the government’s involvement in industry leads to it’s ruin and the bright minds of the world go into hiding, refusing to give up their ideals to conform to societal norms.

I don’t want to give the novel away, so I’ll leave my description at that, but it’s obviously way more involved than my description above. The characters are so in-depth, but definitely not what I would call lovable. They’re so complex and very well-written. Ayn Rand has a way of getting under my skin, in a good way.

What a novel to read for modern Americans! I found it’s subject matter SO on point and intriguing. It gives some pretty astute reasons for why a socialist society is not the optimal choice for a country’s government. Seriously great novel. Very long and some touch to read bits, but I was into it every step of the way! A must read!

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