Scott Pilgrim V.1: A Review

ScottPilgrim v1Scott Pilgrim’s Precious Little Life [Vol. 1] is part one of a comic series by Bryan Lee O’Malley and let me just start this review off by saying that Scott Pilgrim is a pretty rad dude! I read this volume in a little less than an hour and it was totally worth it!

Scott Pilgrim is your average jobless 23 year old in a band, living with his gay best friend, and just starting to date a high schooler named Knives. Sounds pretty average, right? And then he starts dreaming about this girl on roller blades skating through his mind. Everything is just fine until he runs into Ramona [the dream girl!] at a party. He’s completely enamored and when he finds out she’s an Amazon-Canada delivery girl, he orders something immediately to be delivered to his apt. Ramona shows up and they set up an impromptu date.

Being the anti-suave guy he is, Scott takes Ramona on a date and invites her to his band’s next show. Scott realizes too late that Knives, his gf, is going to be in attendance as well. *gulp* Before the show begins, Scott receives a note mentioning something about a fight and quickly pushes it aside as junk. While on stage, Scott finds himself under attack from Matthew Patel and his demon hipster chicks. Patel is the first of Ramona’s evil exes that Scott will have to defeat if he wishes to continue his relationship with Ramona. Oi!

IT IS GREAT! What a fun read! Easy to get through, lovable and misguided characters. All around just enjoyable. If you are even slightly into comics or nerd-dom than you should read this series. I’m psyched to pick up volume 2!

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