The Black Dahlia: A Review

the black dahliaHoly evil characters, batman! The Black Dahlia is a fictional novel by James Ellroy set around the very real unsolved murder case by the same name. Personally, I felt that James Ellroy took a gruesome, insane murder and turned it into a long, drawn-out, and uninteresting story.

This fictional version follows police officer Bucky Bleichert in his obsession with the murder of Elizabeth Short, more popularly known as The Black Dahlia. Bleichert and his partner Lee Blanchard are both switched from Warrants to the Dahlia case.

The story becomes really dull at this point and goes in directions unnecessary and off-point. I found myself rushing through the middle of the novel hoping for something more interesting and it took until the last 100 pages of the novel to get to the interesting part, the actual solving of the Dahlia murder.

I was completely disenchanted with the novel. I’ve always found crime/murder novels to be fast-paced and pulse-fastening. This novel was neither of those things. Entirely slow moving and lots of pointless plot devices. Not recommended.


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