Walk Two Moons: A Review

Walk-Two-MoonsSharon Creech‘s Walk Two Moons was such an introspective novel. It was an entirely endearing novel with great writing and even better characters. I was impressed.

When I started Walk Two Moons, I was nervous… I thought it would be dull and maybe even a bit too much of a children’s novel. I’m finding myself putting my foot in my mouth with that thought more often than not, as of late, and this novel was no different.

It was the thoughtfully put together story of Salamanca Tree Hiddle, a 13 year old young lady whose mother has left Sal & her father. They move away from their beloved farm and Sal starts at a new school.  Her grandparents take her on a road trip to reach her mother in time for her birthday. On the road trip, Sal finds herself sharing the story of her new friends’ lives with Gram and Gramps.

The story delves into love, loss, grief, and death and does an incredible job of telling Salamanca’s story. I would definitely suggest this novel, if you haven’t read it already!

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