Alice in Zombieland: A Review

alice in zWow! I did not expect this novel to be so incredible. I really just happened upon Gena Showalter‘s novel Alice in Zombieland, book 1 in the White Rabbit Chronicles.

Alice Bell’s life takes a dramatic turn when her mother, younger sister, and monster-obsessed father all die in a horrible car accident on her birthday. Starting at a new high school half-numb in pain and anger at her father’s seemingly unreasonable preoccupation with monsters (that nobody else in her family could see), Alice is stunned when she runs into Cole Hollands and has an instant vision involving the handsome co-ed. She thinks she’s going nuts herself when she starts seeing these humanoid monsters herself, until she finds out that Cole & his friends can see them, too, and their soul-munching ZOMBIES.

Ali is determined to fight off the zombies until every last one of them ceases to exist, and this novel follows her journey to understand what exactly they feed off of and WHY they are so interested in her specifically!

A great novel and I cannot wait to read Through the Zombie Glass, the second novel in the White Rabbit Chronicles!!

EGADS! Another fun-to-read novel that you should be checking out if you’re looking for something FRESH in the world of literature. A quick read for me, as I couldn’t put it down!

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