Awkward & Awesome Thursday

catching fireAwkward:
-Thanksgiving is in a week, you guys. Doesn’t it feel like this year is slipping between our fingers?!
-Finished my Christmas shopping already. BAM. You’re jelly, I can tell.
-The hatred I feel for myself after eating fatty foods. French fries, you used to make me feel great, now you make me feel gross. What happened to us?

-HUNGER GAMES: CATCHING FIRE COMES OUT TONIGHT!!! We have tickets for the 8pm show! =)
-My dad’s birthday is on Thanksgiving this year. Double whammy! =) I’m excited to get some family time in!
-My grandfather might be moving in with my parents sometime in 2014. Exciting, nerve-wracking, a little bit of everything!
-I know it’s early to be excited… BUT CHRISTMAS IS COMING!!!

One response to “Awkward & Awesome Thursday

  1. i just have to get Tim some stocking stuffers and I’m done, too. I love online shopping 🙂

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