Scott Pilgrim V.3: A Review

scottpilgrimv3Scott Pilgrim vs. The World Vol. 3 is the next installment of Bryan Lee O’Malley‘s epic comic novella series. My reviews of Vol 1 and Vol 2 are already up!

This is the first volume in the series to really delve into Scott’s own “evil” exes… meet Envy Adams, super star singer in a FAMOUS band. A super hottie and a super jerk, Envy makes her way back into Scott’s life to mess things up. She’s dating a bandmate, Todd,  who just so happens to be Ramona’s third evil-ex! Scott’s band Super Bomb-omb has a show with the evil rock band and Scott needs to keep his cool and avoid his own evil ex, whilst fighting the Vegan-powered Todd!

Oi! Some awesome fight scenes between Ramona and Knives Chau [Scott’s Ex] and the enjoyable vegan prowess of Todd [the evil ex #3]. Another four star graphic novel in the Scott Pilgrim saga!

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