Good in Bed: A Review

good in bedOoooh, what a dirty little secret Jennifer Weiner has written with Good in Bed! I’m not going to lie… I loved it, every silly, dramatic, witty bit of it! Cannie Shapiro, can you be any more charming? The answer is NO. If you enjoyed Size 12 is Not Fat by Meg Cabot, you will absolutely enjoy Good in Bed!

Cannie is an engaging, if somewhat overweight, reporter with an ex who has decided to air their past relations with the world in his magazine series “Good in Bed” about dating a “larger woman”. Thoroughly shocked and ready to remain in hiding for the remainder of her chubby life, Cannie is drawn out of her hole of unhappiness by her recently lesbian mother and best friend, Samantha! She decides to gain control of her publicly wrecked life by joining a weight loss program.

Tragedy strikes and Cannie finds herself back in the arms of her ex, Bruce, for a one night affair that leads to an unwanted pregnancy. With the help of her strong support system and her own inner strength, Cannie finds herself in completely uncharted territory.

A great cast of characters and an emotional ride. I absolutely loved this novel. Can’t wait to read the next novel in this series!

6 responses to “Good in Bed: A Review

  1. I’ve really loved all of Weiner’s novels.

  2. This was my first Weiner novel, and I still think her best. I’m finishing up Certain Girls right now (the sequel to Good in Bed), and it’s not quite as good, but still okay 🙂

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