Scott Pilgrim V.4: A Review

sp4Spoilers alert! Read the reviews for Vol 1Vol 2, and Vol 3 before you proceed.

Oh, Scottie… you ARE a lost soul, aren’t you?

In this adventure, Scott gets a job (finally) washing dishes, his band Sex Bob-omb starts to record their first album, and he and Ramona are getting ever the closer. It seems our hero has really gotten his act together, or has he?

Scott has issues coping with Ramona’s latest ex – a GIRL named Roxie! Whoa, settle down there, Scott, this is a new age of Ramona’s evil exes and Scott isn’t even sure he should fight a girl! While he struggles with Roxie’s presence, Knives Chau’s father is following Scott around with a samurai sword in tow.

Another funny comic, quick read, and super hip! It’s safe to say that I think I heart Scott Pilgrim.

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