Size 14 is Not Fat Either: A Review

size 14All is going well in Heather Wells’ world in Meg Cabot‘s Size 14 is Not Fat Either. She’s still working at the residence hall and enjoying her new boss much better than her last one [for a review of those adventures, go here]. Things are back to normal at NYU until a cheerleader’s head is found in a pot in the dorm cafeteria.

Completely taken aback by the brutality of Death Dorm’s latest drama, Heather is back to her antics as private detective on the side despite the constant warnings from Detective Caravan & her landlord/ex’s brother/love-of-her-life Cooper. With a torso missing, Heather is not to be deterred from her own investigation into the murder of a most-beloved student, which leads her on the trail of drug-dealing brothers whose father’s fund the college’s recreational center.

With help from her unassuming residence hall coworkers, Heather finds and traps the killer, narrowly escaping with her life. At the end of the novel, she confesses her feelings to Cooper, who insists he does not want to be her rebound [even though she has been single for over a year now].

Meg Cabot knows how to make a story arc that should be silly and a throw away novel into something real, where you actually care about the character and can’t wait to read the next page. Cabot is great at making every step into an adventure and I just can’t get enough of Heather Wells. She’s funny and snarky and makes the book totally worthwhile.

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