Scott Pilgrim V.5: A Review

vol 5Spoilers alert! Read the reviews for Vol 1Vol 2, Vol 3, and Vol 4 before you proceed.

Is Scott Pilgrim already primed to be an evil ex?

Scott encounters two of Ramona’s evil exes, twins Kyle and Ken who she cheated on (with each other, ouch!). Scott has trouble dealing with this, despite the fact that he was still Knives Chau’s boyfriend when he started dating Ramona.

Knives tells Ramona about Scott’s dirty little secret (the cheating factor of their early relationship) and Knives fights Ramona. Both girls are more than a little peeved at Scott and Ramona disappears.

Hard to believe there is only one more volume of this epic graphic novel. Scott is perfectly flawed and as a reader, I’m interested to see how he gets himself out of this pickle. Another fun read!

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