The Great Hunt: A Review

WoT02_TheGreatHuntThe Great Hunt is part two in Robert Jordan‘s Wheel of Time saga. It’s a fantasy epic I can really get behind. Reminiscent of Lord of the Rings, with plenty of characters to remember and a lot of things going on, Robert Jordan is arguably one of the greatest fantasy writers of our generation.

That being said, I was disappointed slightly, as I felt that this novel was slower going than The Eye of The World. The story starts where we left off with everyone hunkered down in Fort Fal Dara, awaiting their next move. The party splits as the Aes Sedai take Egwene and Nynaeve to the White Tower to be trained and Rand, Perrin, and Mat head off to find the Horn of Valere.

During the great hunt for the horn, Mat’s dagger goes missing and he gets ever-closer to death since his soul is connected to the dark magic of the dagger. The group of friends attempt to regain the horn and dagger from dark friend Padan Fain, who is always just out of their reach.

The story comes to a climax at Toman Head as the two groups collide once more surrounding the horn and dagger. Rand ends up in a battle of epic proportions with the Shadow, Ba’alzamon, in mid-air as his friends and fellow Seanchan warriors fight the Shadow forces on the ground below.

I know, the summary is confusing. Like I said, there are a lot of characters and completely new and made up creations in Robert Jordan’s series. It’s a medieval fantasy novel, though quite different from Game of Thrones. The Great Hunt pushed the story further along, but I can’t say that I loved it, really… I’ll give Jordan one more shot to draw me back in before I call it quits.

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