Scott Pilgrim V.6: A Review

vol 6Spoilers alert! Read the reviews for Vol 1Vol 2Vol 3, Vol 4, and Vol 5 before you proceed.

This epic finale of Scott Pilgrim’s adventures definitely lives up to expectations.

After Ramona’s disappearance, Scott finds himself confronted with NegaScott, who possesses all of the negative feelings & energy that Scott has been producing over the last four months. Scott pushes NegaScott to the back of his mind and goes to visit Kim Pine at her parents house (where she now lives). Scott and Kim untangle some of Scott’s life before he heads back home.

Scott confronts NegaScott and attempts to let go of his anger and resentment toward the whole Ramona situation. Good Scott is victorious and tries to go on with his life.

At this point, Ramona makes her grand re-entrance and Scott’s life goes topsy-turvy again. He realizes the hold that Gideon, Ramona’s most recent evil-ex, still has a firm grip on her and it’s up to Scott to release her from Gideon’s grasp.

Scott and Ramona team up to defeat Gideon and he’s gone! Scott reaches closure with his own evil ex Envy Adams and starts to reconcile his past with his present.

It all ends in kisses and rainbows for our leading man & his ingenue. Scott Pilgrim vs the World is the perfect amount of cheesiness and action! It’s got a perfect cast of caricatures you’ve probably encountered in your own adventures and Ramona is everything that’s good about living in the moment.

DEFINITELY suggested reading for all nerds, geeks, and goofballs.

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