Awkward & Awesome Thursday

favorite characterAwkward:
-Dreams about having to go back to high school to complete a class for graduation. I got an Honors Diploma in high school AND I have my Bachelor’s degree… what is my brain THINKING?!
-Getting sick at the very end of 2013.
-All the wedding venues in town being booked most weekends in September 2014. UGH. We’re starting like this, wedding planning?

-Having yesterday off and getting to spend some quality time with my two favorite gentlemen [Mitch & Franklin].
-Spending time with Mitch’s extended family last weekend. I feel like they’re MY family. =) I love that.
-A new sweater to wear to work that feels like a blanket and headphones that don’t press on my ears.

One response to “Awkward & Awesome Thursday

  1. hmmm…i will brainstorm alternative wedding venues. challenge=accepted.

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