Through the Zombie Glass: A Review

zombieThrough the Zombie Glass is book two in Gena Showalter‘s White Rabbit Chronicles [review for Alice in Zombieland, the first novel, here]. It was just as, if not more so, thrilling as the first novel!

We catch up with Alice as she is recovering from the loss of her grandfather, their home, and her sanity. A new zombie attack leaves her bitten and feeling odd, as if there is a Zombie Alice (ZA) inside of her fighting to break free. With her boyfriend Cole fading into the background, Ali clings to her fellow zombie slayers and friend Kat. She’s a ticking time bomb and Ali doesn’t want to find out what happens when her time is up!

GAH! SO GOOD! I don’t normally like the supernatural vampire-esque stuff, but zombies are totally something I can get behind. Especially with Showalter’s writing style and the steaminess behind Ali and Cole’s relationship. I hope she never stops writing Ali’s story and as soon as I finished this book, I was hoping for the next one! Definitely something every zombie fan should check out!

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