One Day: A Review

One-day-NovelOne Day by David Nicholls follows the lives of two people on a single day [July 15th]. Dexter and Emma. Emma and Dexter. Emma is a smartie-pants  with a knack for activism and Dexter is a womanizing rich kid, but somehow they find one another the night of their graduation from university and a friendship of sorts blossoms from there.

Emma struggles through dead end jobs as Dexter lives the high [and easy] life, but they remain in contact, building each other up and generally just being there for one another. They both go through some trying times and help each other through a bevvy of relationships, jobs, life events, and addictions.

This book was… different. I enjoyed the writing style, but I really could not attach myself fully to either character. Emma was definitely the more redeemable of the two, but even then, I didn’t find myself caring about her woes all that much. I’d say yes to the author again, but wouldn’t necessarily suggest this story.

One response to “One Day: A Review

  1. Adding this one to my list now 🙂

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