Messenger: A Review

messengerMessenger is book three in Lois Lowry‘s Giver quartet [review for The Giver here and Gathering Blue here]. This book takes place 6 years later in the life of Matty [the little boy in Gathering Blue]. He lives in Village now and is anxiously awaiting his name day where he will receive his name and role in the community. Matty would really like the name Messenger as his primary occupation is in carrying messages between Village and the surrounding towns.

When Forest, which surrounds Village, begins to close in and become wild, Matty is sent off with messages to the surrounding towns that Village will soon be closed off by Forest. He is also sent to gather Kira, the Seer’s daughter, and bring her to Village before it is too late. Matty begins his dangerous journey through the unwelcoming Forest to get Kira in time.

This story really connected the two previous books. It follows the story arc quite well and continues to focus on Village and how it is growing and changing from the oppressive outside world. I really like Lowry’s writing. It’s concise, but really opens me up to noticing little areas of oppression in our own society. A fast read, definitely worth your while.

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