Awkward & Awesome Thursday

happy rhinoAwkward:
-How much I think about our wedding planning in any given day. It’s kind off an exciting/stressful thing coming up. There are a TON of little details that I never really thought about before now. Oi.
-Being shaky over the weekend due to what appears to have been a lack of caffeine. I felt close to passing out in Target until Mitch suggested we get some coffees. The jolt of caffeine really calmed me down. Ironically enough.

-This has been Mitch’s first week back in school!!! SO AWESOME!!! I’m so proud of my college student fiancĂ©!
-This super happy baby rhino! =) He makes me smile!
-Getting next Monday off of work! Whooo!! I’m working over Monday through Thursday this week, so I’ll get a FOUR day weekend!
-The Book Thief. I just started it, but it’s so good. Very well written and I am already attached to Liesel! =D

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