Shopaholic Ties the Knot: A Review

shopaholic ties the knotBecky Bloomwood is getting married? Let the shopping commence! Sophie Kinsella is back with another exciting and fun novel about our favorite anxiety attack, Miss Bloomwood, in Shopaholic Ties the Knot.

What could go wrong? Becky is finally getting married to her boyfriend Luke Brandon and everything is sunshiny and happy in the world.  That is, until Luke’s mother and Becky’s mother both begin planning weddings for the happy couple. Becky is torn between her cozy wedding at home and a New York spectacle of a wedding! How will she get it sorted this time?!

Becky Bloomwood is so funny, I can’t even stand it. How does one end up with two weddings? This is another cutesy and fun-filled Shopaholic adventure! These books are great in-betweeners… good reads in between more serious novels. I enjoy them a great deal and this just might be my favorite Shopaholic story yet!

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