Awkward & Awesome Thursday

all deez booksAwkward:
-My doctor found a lump on my breast. Had a crazy stressful weekend and two visits to the radiologist, but it was just fibrous breast tissue. THANK GOODNESS. Awkward & crazy & nightmarish.
-Eating so much, so fast that I almost choke myself. Ugh.

-Workaholics is widely underappreciated. It’s so funny and ridiculous. Same thing with It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, too funny and it gets no attention.
-The glittery snow this morning. It was beautiful! =)
-Going to the Pacers game tomorrow night!!! =)

4 responses to “Awkward & Awesome Thursday

  1. God is GOOD i am glad the results didn’t turn out bad. Love you and was praying. Glad to see things are going well

  2. Yay for nothing. Boo for silly doctors who can’t get their @()*(*#&$)@( together. Yay for the Pacers. I’m jelly. I wanna go. leave mitch. take me 🙂

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