glasses2Did you guys know that I wear glasses? In my gloriously old age, I have found a need to wear eyeglasses for my near-sightedness. I was having trouble reading signs while driving.


I didn’t realize how bad my eyes truly were until I wore my first pair of driving glasses and could finally see the definition in the trees… I could actually see the leaves! It was crazy to realize how bad my eyesight had become.

Trying to order glasses from my optometrist was SO not going to happen. Not only was he a small town optometrist, he simply did not have what I was looking for. I’m of the somewhat hipster-glasses type of gal and my doctor had more options for older generations (no offense, mom)! haha.

Most of the time buying online eyeglasses can be scary and a bit overwhelming. The site I most like to visit for discounted glasses is because they have a bevvy of affordable options AND they even have a Virtual Mirror feature:

virtual mirror

You can put your OWN photo into the Virtual Mirror feature and see what you’d look like in their glasses. I love it! You can even compare how the glasses look on your face. It’s a lovely feature and super helpful! I love the two pairs in purple the most on my face!


GlassesUSA has been really wonderful to me and they’ve offered my readers a discount!

Their storewide offer is: 15% off + free shipping on orders over $50 with code FS15.  My readers ALSO get 10% off any order of prescription glasses with code: Blog10. =)

If you end up ordering a pair you really adore, be sure to leave me a comment and photo! =) I love to see my fellow nerds observing their own style via their glasses.

One response to “GlassesUSA

  1. I had lasik a few years ago so i don’t have to wear glasses anymore, but sometimes I miss it. 🙂 I think computer glasses are probably in my near future given how much eye strain my job causes!!

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