Big Boned: A Review

Big BonedHEATHER WELLS IS SUCH A FUN CHARACTER! And she’s back in Meg Cabot’s third mystery about the former-pop star: Big Boned. Heather’s got a new vegan boyfriend, a new boss [her THIRD in a YEAR], and a roomie who she’s secretly in love with.

Aaand shortly after the new semester begins, her new boss, Mr. Veatch, is found shot in his office chair. He wasn’t exactly the most entertaining man… he actually bored Heather to death, but that still didn’t mean she wanted him death. A third death in one school year at Death Dorm… and Heather just wants to get her degree!

Her assistant Sarah’s new activist boyfriend is the prime suspect and Heather is coerced into clearing his name. Balancing a boyfriend who is anti-carbs and a murder investigation is all in a day’s work for Heather Wells.

Another amusing and entertaining murder mystery. Nothing too life-altering, but Meg Cabot really knows how to keep me distracted from my own work woes. Just plain fun!

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