A Stolen Life: A Review

a stolen lifeJaycee Dugard is such an inspiring and strong woman and this memoir, A Stolen Life, is such a tribute to her survival of life in captivity. Such a horrifying nightmare of a situation, but it was everyday life for Jaycee for 18 years of her life.

She is kidnapped by a husband and wife who take her to their home, where she is forced to live in solitude. She is repeatedly raped and put to work on financials for the captors’ business.

Jaycee is a mother of two children [the product of her continued rape] and strives every day (since her release) to protect her girls. She’s been through extensive therapy and is struggling for normalcy in her post-captivity life.

It’s hard to read and terrifying, but she lived through it and it’s a cautionary tale for women and girls everywhere. I enjoyed it, as much as one can enjoy another person being put through something so horrendous.

One response to “A Stolen Life: A Review

  1. definitely on my to-read list!

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