Paper Towns: A Review

paper townsPaper Towns is the third novel by author John Green. It’s the story of Quentin “Q” Jacobsen and Margo Roth Spiegelman and their life in Jefferson Park.

Q and Margo were close as children, but things have changed over the years for these neighbors. Margo got cool and left Q in the nerdy dust until one night their senior year of high school, when Margo shows up at Q’s window ready for an adventure! She charms Q into a night of pranks for her cheating ex-bf and ex-best friend.

The two teenagers are out all night and when Margo doesn’t show up for school the next day, Q assumes she simply couldn’t get out of bed, until it comes out that Margo is missing. Unsure of her whereabouts and following her clues, Quentin hopes to get to Margo before she does anything drastic or hurts herself.

Quentin is such a great character, as per Green’s standard protagonist, but Margo was such a shady character. I couldn’t connect with her no matter how hard I tried, but Q more than made up for it. Another fun read from John Green!

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