The Wonderful Wizard of Oz: A Review

wonderful wizard of ozThe Wonderful Wizard of Oz is a CLASSIC novel by author L. Frank Baum! We all grew up with the film version! I remember looooving Dorothy’s adventurous attitude and how she wasn’t really afraid of anything. I was afraid of everything.

The book is quite different from the film. It’s a much darker story, with more fighting and death involved. The story of the Tin Man and how he came to be was, quite honestly, shocking. Also, the Lion was more of a real lion with carnivorous cravings and a penchant for little dogs. =P The scarecrow was just as endearing, but definitely with less intelligence.

Despite the darkness of the novel, it does come off as more of a Narnia-esque story, more of a child’s adventure novel. Dorothy is still adventurous and brave, but she’s much younger and has to deal with life threatening situations.

Good read, but possibly less interesting because I’ve seen the movie with Judy Garland so many times.

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