Awkward & Awesome Thursday

airport pick up drop offAwkward:
-Diets. I know it’s good for me in the long run, but man, I wish I was 20 again and able to eat everything I wanted without gaining any weight.
-Running into my mom at the local Mexican restaurant on my lunch break! She doesn’t even work in the same town as I do! =) It was a blast! She’s the best and made the whole rest of my day amazing!
-How loud and boisterous I am. I get silly and loud and then feel ridiculous when I go home and think about everything I said & did. I’m so hard on myself…

-Started getting into the fitness routine again… I really need to focus on getting healthy before the wedding.
-Meeting incredible new people who have similar interests to my own & who I feel an immediate connection with! It happens so rarely in my adult life, that I definitely feel lucky to connect with amazing people.
-Talks with Mitch about our future, our love, and our families. ❤

One response to “Awkward & Awesome Thursday

  1. Don’t be hard on yourself, Sarah! You are awesome and wonderful just as you are!!!! Trust me, I’m an expert on awesome and wonderful friends 🙂

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