Size 12 and Ready to Rock: A Review

size-12-and-ready-to-rockSize 12 and Ready to Rock is part four of Meg Cabot‘s Heather Wells saga [Reviews for #1, #2, and #3 here]. Heather Wells is our favorite pop-star detective! I almost hate how much I love these novels… they’re my dirty little secret! =) Not any ground-breaking stories, but, man, do I adore Heather.

We’re back at the dorm residence hall of NYU, loving dubbed Death Dorm, where Heather works. This time school is out for summer and NYU is hosting Tania Trace’s Teen Rock Camp. Not only is Tania an annoyingly demanding pop star signed to Heather’s old record company, she’s the new wife of Heather’s ex-boyfriend Jordan. Ugh.

Shortly before filming for her Rock Camp starts, Tania’s bodyguard is hit by a stray bullet. Or was the shot aimed at Tania herself? Heather’s on the case and refuses to accept the information that Tania’s record company is giving her. Heather is not giving up on this mystery. She questions Tania at length, gaining her trust, and finds that Tania’s got a persistent stalker who is out to kill her. Things get messy and Heather finds herself being stretched thin!

This one was fun. A little different from Cabot’s standard equation for Heathers’ mysteries, but just as enjoyable. Fun side read for the ladies!

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