Me Before You: A Review

Me-Before-YouI was not expecting Me Before You to be such a page turner and tear-jerker! Jojo Moyes really delivers with this deeply emotional novel about the unfairness of life and the silver lining of friendship.

Will Traynor is a paraplegic whose motorcycle accident has taken away his will to live. He’s given himself an expiration date and is determined to be as melancholy and unhappy as possible in his remaining days. He’s not expecting someone like Lou Clark to come into his life and FORCE him to enjoy it.

Lou Clark is a completely apathetic young woman without any drive to do anything noteworthy or real with her life. After her job at the cafe is terminated, Lou finds herself jobless and unambitious. She lands a job at the castle up the street working with a paraplegic and terminally unhappy young man – Will Traynor.

Slowly but surely, Lou and Will develop a close relationship and dependency upon one another! When Lou learns the deep secret the Traynor’s have been keeping from her, she is more that determined to change their minds!

I was so entirely connected to these characters. Jojo Moyes broke my heart again and again with this story!! One of the best novels I’ve read this year!!! =)

3 responses to “Me Before You: A Review

  1. I read this one last year, sad but so beautiful.

  2. LOVED this books. Definitely add “The Girl You Left Behind” to your list. Not quite as good as this one, but still good.

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