Across the Universe: A Review

across the universeBeth RevisAcross the Universe was an eye opening novel about a dystopian society aboard a spaceship en route to a new Earth… hopefully! I am always surprised when I find a novel with a NEW story arc. It was a fun to read, new sci-fi story. The characters were similar to those in Eleanor & Park, so I was sold!

Amy is a seventeen year old girl who was woken up early. Doesn’t sound like much, BUT it’s a much bigger deal when you’re cryogenically frozen and supposed to wake up with your mother and father on a NEW habitable planet. Amy is immediately panicked and dismayed when she awakes in the goo and finds that she woke up WAY too early. Her parents are essential to the new planet, her mom is a scientist and her father is a military leader, and Amy can’t wake them up early to join her.

She’s stuck on Godspeed [the spaceship] with a crazy set of laws and social constructs. The population is drugged and the leaders are controlling. Amy starts to uncover the secrets of what keeps Godspeed so peaceful and complacent, but is the population ready for the big reveal?

GREAT characters and fun story. =) Can’t wait to read the second novel in this series!! A fun, sci-fi love story for all you geeks out there!

One response to “Across the Universe: A Review

  1. This is one of my favorite YA series. LOVE Beth Revis.

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