Mad About the Boy: A Review

mad about the boyBridget Jones is back in Helen Fielding‘s Mad About the Boy!! I have been a huge Bridget Jones fan dating all the way back to my middle school days! I loved Bridget’s stumbling and bumbling through life. She always figures it out, but has to struggle through it all. I feel like Bridget Jones is every woman and I love reading her adventures.

This is probably the saddest of all the Bridget Jones novels. I don’t want to ruin it for anyone who hasn’t read about the novel, but it is a novel about loss, motherhood, and getting back on your feet.

I love Bridget Jones, so I was not disappointed. The novel was more heartbreaking and less airy, which was odd for Bridget, but I like how it showed motherhood… that some days you will simply feel like a failure and others you will really soar. I enjoyed the novel, though the ending wrapped up a little too perfectly for my taste. Bridget is about REALISM… not happy endings. Still, I’m glad I got my Bridget fix.

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