Code Name Verity: A Review

code nameCode Name Verity by Elizabeth Wein was SURPRISING and incredibly well written. I was totally blown away by this novel and found myself enthralled and completely invested in the characters almost instantaneously.

The novel opens in Nazi-occupied France, with spy Verity being taken into Nazi custody after her plane crashes. She is tortured and forced to write down everything she knows about the English military to give information to the Nazis! Verity uses the opportunity to tell her story of best friends and platonic love.

LOVED this novel. So many twists and turns. A great novel with incredible characters. I can’t wait to read Elizabeth Wein’s next novel ‘Rose Under Fire’. I would definitely suggest this to all YA readers!

4 responses to “Code Name Verity: A Review

  1. One of my favorites. The companion novel is just as good. This book was a fascinating look into a part of history I didn’t even really know existed.

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