Fan Girl: A Review

fangirlRainbow Rowell, how do you do it? How do you get me completely enamoured with your characters and story arcs? Fangirl is yet another AH-MAZING novel by our favorite YA author. Or my favorite, at least [read my review of Eleanor and Park here].

This story follows Cath [short for Cather] at her first year in college. Her twin Wren has abandoned her in her desire to be a separate and standalone person, and Cath finds herself alone, with only her Simon & Snow fan fiction getting her through the strange new college world. Cath’s social anxiety causes her to avoid the dorm cafeteria and any social activities outside of classes until her roommate Raven forces her to leave the safety of her dorm cocoon. Raven’s adorable and endearing boyfriend ends up hanging around the ladies nonstop and Cath must endure the ever-present group of friends she’s developed. Cather allows her homework to suffer as she focuses on finalizing her fan fiction before the final Simon & Snow novel is released.

I really understood Cather… her social anxiety, her love of the Simon & Snow novels (& how they saved her), her secret writing and eating habits. She’s such an odd and endearing character, you can’t help but love her. Another fun and funny novel with memorable characters and a new story for readers! Definitely one of my faves!

3 responses to “Fan Girl: A Review

  1. You should read FIC. It’s a non-fiction book about the role of fanfiction and how it’s changing the world. I have to take it back to the library today. Considering just buying it.

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