Awkward & Awesome Thursday

weird catsAwkward:
-The above photo! hahahahaha!
-Getting my Wisdom Teeth pulled today. That’s right, any tweets posted in the next 24 hours will be from a totally drugged and in pain Sarah. My teeth have been giving me a lot of issues for a while, so I’ll be happy to have them OUT!

-Date nights with Emily. She is just the most incredible person EVER. I have the most fun with her. She’s the only person I’ve gotten this close to since my Hawaii girls and I really couldn’t survive without our daily texts and pins [on Pinterest].
-Imagining my life with Mitch. SO CORNY… but, I feel like we’ve only become stronger and closer in the past 4 months of planning for our future. I’m ready to face the challenges ahead with such a worthy partner in crime. =)
-My friend Laura who got a new job! So happy for her, and yet so SAD for me. She keeps me sane every day at work… don’t know how I’ll go on without her. Thank goodness for email & texting. =D And the gym… if I ever get back there.

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