The Interestings: A Review

the interestingsThe Interestings by Meg Wolitzer was on a list of top novels from 2013 and I felt the need to crack it open and see for myself. Let me tell you, I was NOT disappointed.

The Interestings is a coming-of-age novel about six friends who meet at a summer camp for the arts and become lifelong friends. It sounds simply, but it really is anything but. Jules Jacobson is the type of girl who never knew her worth until she discovered herself to be one of this group of teenagers that jokingly refer to themselves as The Interestings. The novel is about growing up, growing old, money, fame, happiness, and life turning out quite differently than your teenage-self intended it to turn out.

I found the characters all ‘interesting’ (haha) and three-dimensional. There were layers to their relationships that only time can lead to, and Wolitzer did a great job of portraying them. I would absolutely suggest this book .5 stars for originality and depth of characters & story!

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