Deception Point: A Review

deception pointDeception Point by Dan Brown is a “techno-thriller” suggested to me by my good friend Laura! She read it and thought it was so well-written she had to share. As we are both technical writers for a military system, this type of technology-heavy spy thriller is interesting to us!

I didn’t know what to expect with Dan Brown… I know his novels are widely popular, though I’ve never read them myself. I really thought this would be just another dime novel, another thriller, just like the rest. It’s true, there were many bits of dialogue and chapters with stereotypical characters, but I still found myself surprised by the story arc Brown developed. The story is highly relevant given how drone strikes and the NSA are parts of our everyday.

I found the writing compelling. It was a quick read [especially given that it was 500 some pages long] and I found myself gasping as I read. =) I like to be surprised by a book, and Deception Point really gave me that!

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