Shopaholic and Sister: A Review

shopaholic&sisterShopaholic and Sister by Sophie Kinsella was probably my least favorite of the Shopaholic series thus far. After a whirlwind wedding and YEAR LONG honeymoon, Becky Bloomwood and her new husband Luke Brandon are back in England and ready to start their lives together. Expecting a warm and wide welcome, Becky is thrown back when her parents seem dismayed to see her so early.

The Bloomwood’s sit Becky down and tell her she’s got a sister… a half-sister, from her father… and Becky is ELATED. She’s always wanted a sister to go shopping with and chat with at coffee houses! Jess is nothing like what Becky was expecting. Struggling through her first year of marriage and her new relationship with Jess, Becky has a lot of growing to do. Surprise Surprise! Becky is slow to learn and quick to spend… always endearing, we still find a way to forgive Becky for her shortcomings.

This novel was nothing great. Just another book about overspending and under-earning. A bit too real-life and heart-pounding for me.

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