Attachments: A Review

attachmentsAttachments might be my absolute FAVORITE novel by Rainbow Rowell (author of Fan Girl, Eleanor & Park, and many other INCREDIBLE novels). I don’t know what it is about Rainbow, but she just GETS the intricacies of a nerd’s heart. She understands where we come from, our language, our innermost thoughts, and our heartache… our yearning to meet someone who completes us.

This novel is about Lincoln… a lowly IT technician who is tasked with working the night shift at a newspaper, reading the inappropriate emails caught by the work software. His job is to read and flag emails, letting the reporters know that they’re being monitored. He never expected to become emotionally attached to two friends and their personal emails sent back and forth over their work emails.

Beth and Jennifer have become more than just coworkers, more than just something interesting and funny to read. He’s become enthralled and involved in their lives, without their knowledge. Lincoln knows he can’t keep going on like this, but it’s so hard to stop reading the emails.

Sounds SUPER creepy… but it’s actually the story of a lonely young man who has trouble communicating, falling for a girl who has NO trouble communicating. =) Lincoln was entirely endearing. Rainbow writes the best characters!!! Read this one!

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