Water for Elephants: A Review

waterforelephantsOkay, I’m going to be brutally honest… I didn’t want to read this novel because Robert Pattinson plays the lead male in the film adaptation. There I’ve said it. That horrible bit of judgement being said, Water for Elephants by Sara Gruen was a great novel that I would have been sorry to miss, had I not given it this chance.

93 year old Jacob Jankowski is living in a nursing home when the circus comes to town. With the circus’ arrival, Jacob begins telling a series of memories from his own life as a circus veterinarian.

The story swiftly becomes a love story between Jacob and Marlena, who works with the horses and elephant. Marlena is married to the head trainer, August, who is abusive and brash. Jacob refuses to allow August to treat the animals or Marlena with such little respect!

A sweet love story with great characters. I generally don’t enjoy novels involving infidelity and since Marlena was married when she and Jacob fell in love, I was torn between being happy for them and being furious that she wouldn’t leave her husband before allowing her love for Jacob to blossom. Everything happens the way it is supposed to and I found myself reading through this novel fast… I didn’t know what the outcome would be. Definitely worth checking out!

One response to “Water for Elephants: A Review

  1. I thought book was good; horribly graphic and hard to read sometimes, but good. I stomached approximately 15 minutes of the movie because I love Reece Witherspoon…but I just couldn’t do it. And the movie really negates one of the key storytelling pieces for me, which just sent me over the edge 🙂

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