The Selection: A Review

the selectionThe Selection by Kiera Cass is a novel I picked up on a whim at a suggestion from my best friend Emily. Based on the front cover, I thought the novel would be entirely too girly and silly for my taste. I was pleasantly surprised to find that I completely fell in love with America Singer, the protagonist.

America lives in a kingdom where the princess is chosen through a Bachelor-type show with eliminations, challenges, and a handsome prince. 34 young ladies are chosen from their separate townships, and wouldn’t you know it… stubborn America, heartbroken over her recent secret breakup, is chosen to vie for Prince Maxon’s heart & the thrown.

A chance meeting with Maxon turns their relationship into a friendship when she reveals that she is only at the palace to send home the money each girl receives for partaking in the competition. America agrees to help Maxon with his selection of the next princess. Unbeknownst to her, America begins to feel jealous of all the time Maxon is spending with the other girls.

Things get complicated when her secret-ex Aspen ends up working as one of the palace guards. Keeping her past-romance and current emotions a secret while figuring out how she truly feels about Maxon is beyond difficult. Is America really staying in the competition just for the money, or are her developing feelings for Maxon more than friendly?

The writing is so fun… it really made me want to keep reading! I sped through this novel in a day or two! Definitely worth checking out for the ladies and Young Adult readers out there! 4.5 stars for originality and writing style!

5 responses to “The Selection: A Review

  1. love this too much! hi i’m new to this blogging thing so it would mean alot id you check oug my page and even follow me ( i’ll follow back ) and i’ll also be giving out signed books and other cool things soon!

  2. The cover is so pretty though *_*

  3. Ha! This is too funny! I just read all three books in this series. I love them all. 🙂 You have to read the other two.

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