Awkward & Awesome Thursday

sugar milkAwkward:
-Add two espresso shots and that lady is ME!
-Being sick. Again. Seriously, what’s up with my immune system? I swear it doesn’t work at all. Can I get an upgrade, please?
-Trying to work while being stuffed up and entirely foggy-headed.
-I CANNOT take any more leave before our wedding. C’mon, Sarah, get with the program…

-Going to the Indy 500 with my family last weekend!!
-Doctor’s appts with good news!
-My book haul from Books of Wonder in NYC is really proving to be incredible! I’m loving these Young Adult reads… they’re lighter and more fun than some of their Fiction counterparts.
-My daddy-sized froyo from Tuesday afternoon. I got mango, strawberry, and banana. YUM!
-Almost done with our wedding invites. They’ll be going out soooooooooon!!!! =)

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