Pygmalion: A Review

pygmalionPygmalion by George Bernard Shaw is a play based on Greek mythology. I feel ashamed to admit that I was familiar with the title, but did not realize until I started reading that My Fair Lady is a rendition of Pygmalion. Oi. Sometimes I can be such a dunce.

The story follows Eliza, a woman living on the edge of poverty, selling flowers on the side of the street. She runs into Henry Higgins and Colonel Pickering, two men with an interest in phonetics who find her accent and speech APPALLING. Henry bets the Colonel that he can turn Eliza into a perfect lady.

There’s a lot of word play and witticisms, which I generally enjoy, but honestly, I am not a huge fan of the story. It’s got some silly moments, but overall, I feel as if it falls short of it’s praise. I was not very intrigued with this play, sorry to say.

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