NYC Mission Trip 2014

makeover day

I went on my first mission trip, ya’ll!! 

I went to New York City for the first time EVER and got to experience what God’s love is all about. We fed the homeless and spent an entire day at a Women’s Shelter giving manicures/pedicures, doing makeup, doing hair, giving away food, clothing, and gift bags. We basically loved up on these women who have not been loved on in FAR TOO LONG.

Teresa taking care of women Catherine dance party trade gift bags wobble

The experience was life changing. That being said, I think the most incredible and moving part of my journey was getting to be around so many strong women of faith. We were in small rooms with bunk beds and I really loved all of my roommates (below) and, really, all of the ladies on the trip. They have so much love in their hearts, it was such a blessing to be surrounded by so many incredible women, building each other up!


We also had a day and some afternoons to explore the city, so I took my trusty best pal Emily & we explored the city!!

subway times square 911 memorial Ellis Islandliberty 2 skyline empire state of mind

We even made it a priority to visit Books of Wonder, an incredible children’s book store in the city. Not only was it a dream to wander around in there and spend WAY too much on books, but the staff was incredibly knowledgeable and great to talk to!

books of wonder 2 Books of Wonder

Overall, the trip was a success. I had a hard time on Friday night… we were bringing food, water, and toiletry items to the homeless. They were staying in a shopping plaza to stay out of the rain until 11:30 when the plaza would closed. I brought some water to a few older homeless women and got scolded by a security officer… it was a private building and we weren’t allowed to give them anything inside the building. I know everyone has different opinions, but to me… it wasn’t right. These people have so little rights and the plaza owner was just taking control away from them. If I want to give someone a sandwich, or a water bottle, who are you to tell me I can’t gift something because I’m in a shopping center YOU own. I know, I know… this might seem crazy to some of you, but I was fired up about it. I stand firm in my belief that it’s ALWAYS right to love someone. I was loving people and got scolded, that really rubbed me the wrong way.

Oi, end rant! haha. The trip was eye-opening, to say the least, and I have a fire in my heart to serve others. Coming back was an adjustment, but I’m slowly easing back into life. I urge you, if you’ve never been on a mission trip to go on one. It is something I will never forget.

Also, I got to New York, which was one of my 30 before 30 goals! WHOO!!!

One response to “NYC Mission Trip 2014

  1. Glad you’ve been able to process some. I know you had a rough time Friday night. Don’t lose your sense of frustration with the status quo – that’s how it gets changed.

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