Thirteen Reasons Why: A Review

thirteen reasons whyHoly heartbreaking stories, Batman. Thirteen Reasons Why is a depressing novel that made the NY Times Best Seller’s List. I enjoyed Jay Asher‘s writing, but I think it was too sad the ENTIRE novel to get more than 3 stars. I like happy novels that make me think of how great life is [I’m soooo predictable].

High schooler Clay Jensen arrives home to find an unmarked package on his porch with his name on it. He opens it to reveal 7 cassette tapes recorded by his neighbor and classmate Hannah Baker, who recently committed suicide. The tapes are addressed to 12 of her friends and classmates with the 13 reasons that led to her death. Sad yet? Oh, just you wait.

Through her first kiss and the rumors that spread immediately following the experience, Hannah explains and lays blame to her friends and enemies for their lack of action. Clay, however, was her crush, the one person she ever felt a true connection with.

Hannah’s experiences and storytelling leads Clay to examine himself and his peers for signs of struggle and suicidal thoughts.

The story is well-written, though I feel like it’s unfair for Hannah to put that kind of heartbreak and pain on so many people. I agree, they should be aware of how their actions affect others, but it’s still incredibly sad to think of all these children whose lives will never be the same, might never be okay again. Sad story is sad!! If you need to cry, read this book. If not, maybe pass.


One response to “Thirteen Reasons Why: A Review

  1. I thought the story-telling in this story was brilliant. And a good reminder that we don’t know who we’re affecting and what role we play in other people’s stories. While not one of my top books, I definitely think it’s an important read!

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