The Elite: A Review

the eliteThe Elite is book two in Kiera Cass‘ Selection trilogy [I reviewed book one, The Selection here]. There are six girls left in the selection vying for Prince Maxon’s heart. America Singer is still in the running and totally unsure of her feelings for the prince. She goes between two extremes… really wanting Prince Maxon to be hers and only hers and wanting to run away from all the responsibility being with Maxon would bring [*gulp* being a PRINCESS?!].

To make matters worse, the castle is under constant rebel attacks and America can’t blame them. People in the kingdom are tired of the class system currently in place. Their vicious attacks tear apart the castle and leave the king, queen, prince, and all of the elite girls in constant danger.

This is like a reality tv show I can’t stop watching. I STILL have no clue what America wants or what she’ll do. Why am I still interested in what’s going to happen? EXCELLENT writing. I love the characters and am totally into the story, even if it is slightly disappointing to be so unsure of what I want for the characters. Great read… definitely suggest you pick up this series from your local library.

2 responses to “The Elite: A Review

  1. Have you started The One yet? I thought The Elite was a little slow, but am happy with the way the series ended.

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