Things I’m Loving Right Now: Baby Edition

In honor of today’s baby shower for our nephew Blake Bradley, today’s Things I’m Loving Right Now will be baby items that Mitch and I have our eyes on for future babehs [don’t get too excited, it’ll be YEARS, we just had fun looking]:

baby cribFor cribs, we really like the 4-in-1 convertible ones… like this Sutton one. It’s a crib, toddler bed, daybed, and then a full-sized bed headboard. A bed that grows with the munchkins? Thats a plus in our books!

eddie bauer quadtrekNow for car seat/stroller combos, we really dug the Eddie Bauer Quadtrek. It has giant wheels [great for off-roading with baby], extra cushion in that car seat, and it’s relatively light [comparatively]. Did we stand in the baby section of target and weigh the strollers while baby shopping for the nephew? YES, WE DID. Nerds to the Nth degree.

baby bouncerAs a babysitter/friend to the lovely Farris five [and soon to be six!], I’ve noticed that these rockers really ROCK. Not even pun-worthy there, folks. Especially when they’re teeny, baby rockers can really soothe the baby and help facilitate those wonderful things that moms like to call NAPS. I thought this was a cutesie version of the rockers we all know and love.

baby foxAnd, what Things I’m Loving Right Now: Baby Edition is complete without some onesies. GAH! Foxes are popular right now, and you guys know how much I adore the fantastic mr. fox [and my tattoo rendition of his sassy self]. I bought Blake Bradley a set of these! Can’t wait to dress the little guy up in them!

Let me repeat, Mitch & Sarah are not ready to start their own little family. We’re just really enjoying being Aunt and Uncle to our nieces and nephew [who will be joining us, God willing, around the 3rd of August]. Anywho, special thanks to Lana & Katie for sharing their babes with us. We love them and you!

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